Monday, 9 May 2016

Announcement: Creativia

What's that old cliche? One door closes... okay, let's not get corny this soon into the post.

Let's just say that I'm lucky... or all those goat sacrifices are finally paying off. Maybe it's a bit of both. Regardless of how it has happened, it has and that's what's important. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that The Running Game has been signed with Creativia and they are due to publish the book - all being well (get more goats!) - the first week in June.

Also, while this has been going on big leaps have been taken on other books in the series. Border Lines is in the reediting stage and book 3 is now in draft. Let's subscribe to another cliche about buses... okay let's not.

Anyway it feels, at last that things might be on track. Of course in a couple of minutes that could all change, but if I take away anything from this upheaval it's that nothing is set in stone. Like a good story, things change. I guess I could call this character development. Whatever it is, it's good for now and I need to appreciate it. So grab a goat, think happy thoughts, and don't sweat the bad stuff.