Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Monsters of St Osyth - Satinder Bhatti

As a fantasy writer it's always great to showcase other fantasy authors and tonight I have the blurb from YA fantasy novel The Monsters of St Osyth by Satinder Bhatti. Enjoy.

The Monsters of St Osyth - Satinder Bhatti

Sixteen year old Freya is prone to the odd premonition, but has spent her entire life denying it for fear of being labelled a freak. When she moves to the village of St Osyth, a place haunted by stories of magic and witchcraft, it becomes harder than ever to suppress her gift. Especially once she bonds with the village witch. 

But Freya’s journey really begins when she meets the mysterious Hudvek family and falls in love with their son, Raven. Then dark events start to unfold - docile animals attack their owners, bloody violence erupts in the quiet streets and a child is afflicted with sudden bruises. The blame falls on the curse of the Irish Travellers, who in turn, warn Freya about the true nature of the Hudveks. Rumours of necromancy and shamanism abound, while Freya struggles with blinding herself to the truth about her strange, new friends.

In the end Freya must face her past and embrace the voice of intuition; if she is to save the village from the evil that threatens all those she has grown to love.

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