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Axe and Emerald - Joshua Dyer

It's cold, wet and windy outside. I'm curled up under the duvet with the one-eyed, diabetic cat squishing my legs and I'm in the mood for some gore... Anyone with me? 

 Introducing Joshua Dyer and a little gruesome extract from his book Axe and Emerald... 

Axe and Emerald (Extract) - Joshua Dyer 

McLean crept around the edge of the granite wall with his silver hatchet at his side. Rhone soon found the source of the rectangular shadows setting against the far wall of the basement. A large polished casket lay underneath the dancing flame of another small torch. Its lid leaned against the open cask’s mahogany body. He thought about calling out to the girl. Then it occurred to the loner that she no longer struggled against her attacker.
I’m probably gonna find a dead bod –
A handful of long cold fingers shot out of the dark consuming his mouth and nose. The pale yellow arm threw Rhone across the wet floor before he could even consider a swat of his blade. The youthful girl of about twelve stepped out of the darkness, and let out a rebellious hiss.
Her mouth cracked open revealing a sparse set of green and blackened teeth. The two top and bottom incisors grew out to meet in the middle of her inhuman maw. Her once beautiful blonde hair had been reduced to a thin layer of grotesque strands that hung on her decayed scalp.
McLean leaped to his feet and reared his blade back for a strike. The girl charged him – her skeletal arms outstretched. Rhone shoved her limbs aside with his left hand, and silenced her shriek with a swat of his hatchet. Its edge severed the tendons in the child’s neck like straps of worn leather and glanced off of the wall behind her form. In an instant, her head bounced on the stone floor frozen in eternal terror. The wall had knocked the light layer of rust free exposing the weapon’s shimmering silver head in the faint light.
Another set of bony hands grabbed Rhone’s shoulders. They picked him off of the ground and threw him against the same wall with bruising force. A wave of tingling agony washed over him as he did his best to remain upright. The outlaw now stood face to face with what used to be a middle-aged man. This one, too, let loose a guttural wail showing off his demonic overbite. The vampire’s old flannel shirt had been reduced to rags, and his old brown slacks fared no better. A long yellow big toe poked out of the hole on the end of his rotted right boot. The monster took Rhone by the throat in his powerful right claw and lifted him into the air of his sanctuary. Its lips curled in a wicked grin beneath the monster’s unkempt black beard and moustache. McLean felt his airway constrict under the intense grip of the nightmare creature.
Rhone swung his weapon up at the monster’s muscular shoulder. The awkward angle of the strike caused the blade to sink halfway into the tissue of its rancid socket. The undead man dropped McLean to the floor and clasped at its gaping wound. The mangled flesh around the crevasse began to sizzle and boil. The vampire howled in pain and landed a vicious backhand to Rhone’s cheek with its good arm.
“I’ll be sure to drain you slowly,” the creature said. Its words got mashed up as they passed through its massive overbite.
Requiem aeternam pacem,” Rhone replied. His blue eyes met the milky gaze of the enraged demon.
With a swing of his axe, the vampire’s arm tumbled to the damp stone. It cowered away into the shadows of its haven howling as it shuffled.
“You’ll pay a heavy toll for that, Warmblood.”
Rhone stood ready. The blade next to his eyes dripped with a sour green slime. Small pinpoints of red gleamed in the depths of the dungeon corner. A winged demon launched itself from the solace of the shadows, and took the desperado by the front of his duster. Its massive leathery wings beat against his arms as the vampire’s mouth of razors lunged for his jugular. The force of the attack pushed them both back toward the far wall beneath the stairs. Rhone instinctively rotated on his heels trading places with the creature in their dance of death. He used the momentum to his advantage, and pinned the vampire to the stone with his left forearm. It shrieked and beat its wings against his face cutting it in several places. McLean raised his weapon over his hat, and decapitated the beast in one swift stroke. The body of the hairless bat went limp and flopped to the floor.
Rhone wiped the blood and sweat from his cheek and staggered toward the staircase. The ascent back into the great room pushed the limits of his legs’ endurance. The cowboy felt as though he gained weight with every step he climbed.

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