Friday, 6 September 2013

Exciting New Author: Ashlyn Forge

Since I started beta and proofreading for authors I had the chance to meet some really fantastic authors and of course read their work! It has been a great experience for me to meet other like minded people and now the authors I have started working with are starting to publish which is incredibly exciting for me to be part of the adventure without any of the author anxiety we feel when we put our work out there.

I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to beta read for Ashlyn Forge, who is a very talented author of a futuristic fantasy series on the cusp of being published. Ash is currently holding a competition where you can test your ability to spot errors in her latest book In Liam's Wake. This is a great opportunity to discover Ash's work before it's released and maybe even win a prize.

Click below to check out the competition and Ash's series:

Now back to work for me - lots to read and correct... 

September is shaping up to be another busy month proofreading, but I can't really call it work when I've got such a great selection of authors to help.

And one of these days I will start posting details of my new book: The Running Game, which is currently being proofed at the moment - nail biting times, but it should make an interesting Autumn.

P.S. If you fancy having a bit of exposure - send me a piece of your work with a link to where people can find more about you and I will post it here.

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