Sunday, 15 September 2013

Dominae Primus - Extracts

This evening I've been reading extracts from the author Dominae Primus. These extracts and more are available to read for free from

Rhyme and Reason - extracts


A few things to nourish us
in this request in verse
Give us a crumb from that loaf
A humble comfort blanket
Grant us a splinter of frost above
Findings spawn from tip of iceberg
Save some glow off the glimmer
Hope preserved and mirrored

Those who give shan't be in want
Those who receive in penury shan't
If they wisely give
and they wisely spend
There'll be none to grieve
But much to append


Faded bronze picture pretty
where cracks add curiosity
mounting age make things vintage
authentic guarantee's pledge
yesterday's streets I tarry
Green moss carpets alley


I thank thee for thy patronage
rhyme like wine improves with age
though I shan't be a hermit sage
I'm glad thou had found this page


There's nothing here at stake
But the reasons we state
come play for verses' sake
lines of prosaic prose break


The pall of the darkest hour
Is lifted by Faith's power
Let burn your resolve's ardour
There's relief in Hope's harbour!

World from my windowpane

The world is well and sane
From my eyeview's windowpane
While Good charged and shook its mane
Thoughts drift on a saunterly train

It's not too late

Lady Fortune nudges coyly
Pandora strikes stealthily
Hope stays in purposeful wait
All that's Good, it's not too late

About Dominae Primus

Dominae Primus writes action comedy, ranging from mock fairy tales to heavier doses of intensity which tread a fine balance of humour, imagination and engaging action. In addition, Dominae Primus has also released a compilation of philosophical reflections and poetry.

Commercial titles include Absolutely Done, Second Chances, Granary County, !Attention!, Daily Doses and Vital Verses.

For the future, Dominae Primus stories are expected to include more imaginative elements fusing with a backdrop of spirituality and constant doses of humour. The author believes that there is more towards understanding this life than the external realities perceived by the senses.

The author also has literary compositions available in digital libraries hosted by reputable universities in North America, Europe and Asia besides the main archive of Project Gutenberg based at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA. The author maintains a weblog at

If you want your work posted here please email me at with an extract ... Oh I'm just working on my proofed copy of my new book The Running Game, coming soon I promise.

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